Taking a bath in Tidrum Hot Spring
Tibet Tidrum Hot Spring

On the way to the hot spring

Located in Tidrum village from 73km northeast of Mozhu Gongka County in Lhasa, Tidrum Hot Spring is the most famous hot spring in Tibet. Some people even call it the best hot spring in the world. It has an elevation of 4,500 meters. Due to the relatively remote location, few people go there. Thus, it retains the primitive scenery. I went there one year ago in the spring. It was April and the weather was good. So I took the bus to go there. There were many Tibetan people in the bus. Among them, most were old people and some were Tibetan families with children. ITo get there, it took me about three hours. Along the way, we passed through Drigung Monastery. It was a Kagyupa monastery in Tibet. Also, a platform for sky burial located there.

Enjoy Tidrum Hot Spring

Actually, Tidrum Spring has two sources. One is called the Eagle Spring. Another one is next to it with a higher temperature. Due to the two sources, the temperature of the spring maintains at 40 Celsius degree all the year round. The hot spring contains many beneficial minerals for human body. So you can prevent many kinds of illnesses with the bath. The entry fee is 25 RMB together for Tidrum Nunnery and Tidrum Spring. While taking the bath, I could see the snow flying on the sky. With the smoke from the hot spring, I had a surreal feeling: Where am I? Am I in the paradise? I could not help thinking about taking a bath in the evening with the starry sky. And that would be another beautiful picture.


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