Top 10 Kailash Tour Tips
Kailsh Tour, Kailash Everest Budget Group tour in high season
  1. Choose the suitable season

The suitable season for Kailash tour is normally from April 20th to October 5th. During this period, the weather is good. From October 10th to February, there is snow covering the road, so we do not suggest you go there. Moreover, from Tibetan New Year to the end of March, due to March 14th 2008 Tibet riot, the government forbid foreigners to enter Tibet.


  1. Try to avoid July and August for Kailash tour

Although July and August have a good weather, we do no suggest you go to Kailash in these months because it will be rainy. Also, the two months are the peak season. Therefore, there will be many tourists including domestic and foreign tourists. So avoiding these months could provide you an easier trip.


  1. We do not accept Indians, Norwegians and Bhutanese for Kailash tour

Since Indians need a different kind of permit to go to Kailash, any of Tibetan travel agency cannot accept Indians. Also, we cannot accept Norwegians and Bhutanese due to government regulations.


  1. Book your Kailash tour at least 30 days in advance

Since Kailash tour needs many travel permits, you have to fix it at least 30 days before your trip start date in order to give us enough time for application. However, if there are many people in your group, we strongly suggest you book it earlier than 30 days because we need more time to deal with the permit issues.


  1. Find a reasonable price

Since Kailash is far from Lhasa and needs many travel permits, the price will be higher than other destinations in Tibet. However, we hope you can find a reasonable price. As a well-experienced local travel agency, TibetTravelExpert provides you very reasonable prices. We offer only around 2000 USD for per person and there will be more discounts if you have more people in the group. Therefore, we hope you can join in our Kailash Group Tour and enjoy the unbeatable price.


  1. Choose the departure time as you like

TibetTravelExpert offers many options for your Kailash tour departure time. You can find the date in our schedule as you like. We will send two groups within a week and there will be eight groups in a month. Whenever you want to go, you can find the suitable departure date.


  1. A knowledgeable guide and an experienced driver is necessary

You need a knowledge tour guide and an experienced driver for your Kailash tour because the distance is far and there are many local customs about the tour. Since we have more than 10 years’ experience arranging Kailash tour, we know about every details about Kailash. So our tour guide and driver will surely provide you a very safe and knowledgeable Kailash trip.


  1. We provide flexible arrangement and emergency solutions for AMS

Due to the relatively high altitude, some people will worry about AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) for Kailash tour. Here we provide flexible arrangement and emergency solutions for AMS. If you are not feeling well before the trekking, you can stay in Darchen and we will pick you up after our three-day trekking. If you feel very uncomfortable and it is an emergency case, we can call the ambulance. However, you need to afford the extra fee about that. In addition, we suggest you buy travel insurance in your home country for such cases.


  1. Choose your departure date for full moon

We understand for devout pilgrims, it is necessary to choose Kailash tour based on the full moon date. So you can read our itineraries carefully and choose the full moon days when in Kailash to decide your departure time.


  1. We provide Private Kailash tour with great flexibility

Since Kailash tour is a long trip in Tibet. You can decide if you want to add more days before the departure for your Private Kailash tour. However, for the Kailash Group Tour, the schedule is fixed and you can talk with us if you have any concern about that.


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