Top 10 Must-See Buddhist Monasteries and Temples in Tibet
Tibetan Monasteries; Top 10 Must-see Buddhist Monasteries and Temples in Tibet-Ganden Monastery Tour

As a holy land of Buddhism, every year numerous foreign travellers come to Tibet to a pilgrimage tour. For tourists, visting monasteries and temples in Tibet is the most effective way to discover mysterious Tibetan Buddhism. You also experience authentic Tibetan culture. Therefore, Tibet Travel Expert makes a list of Top 10 Must-see Tibetan monasteries and temples with detailed information.

Top 10 Buddhist Monasteries and Temples in Tibet

Name in EnglishName in ChineseTraditionAltitudeNoteLocation
1Jokhang Temple大昭寺Gelug3,650 metersThe Most Sacred and Important Temple in TibetLhasa
2Ganden Monastery甘丹寺Gelug3800 metersThe First Monastery of the Gelugpa Sect in Tibetan BuddhismLhasa
3Sera Monastery色拉寺Gelug3,700 metersRenowned for “Monk Debate”Lhasa
4Drepung Monastery哲蚌寺Gelug3,800 metersOnce the Largest Monastery in TibetLhasa
5Samye Monastery桑耶寺Nyingma3,700 metersThe First Buddhist Monastery in TibetLhoka
6Rongbuk Monastery绒布寺Nyingma4,980 metersThe Highest Monastery in the WorldShigatse
7Pelkor Chode Monastery白居寺Gelug, Shalu, Sakya3, 900 metersTypically Combination of Tibet Buddhism Monastery and TempleShigatse
8Tashilhunpo Monastery扎什伦布寺Gelug3,880 metersSeat of Panchen LamaShigatse
9Sakya Monastery萨迦寺Sakya4,316 metersSeat of Sakya Sect in Tibetan BuddhismShigatse
10Drak Yerpa Monastery扎耶巴寺Nyingma5,000 metersOne of the Four Best Meditation Retreats in TibetLhasa

Hope all foreign travellers can have a good time in Tibet. If you are interested in a Tibetan monastery tour or any other Tibet tours, please feel free to contact our local travel agency and we will help you to organize a suitable trip in Tibet.

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