My Top 5 Tibetan Food
Eating Yak Noodle- Must Do Lhasa Activity in Tibet tour

Traditional Tibetan food is basically depend on meat (yak meat) and dairy products (cheese and yak milk), and very few vegetables are available because of its high altitude. These food contains high calorie which can help Tibetan people resist cold especially in the high mountain area. Here, I am going to introduce my top 5 Tibetan food and drinks. I hope it can give you a hint when you are wondering what to eat on the street in Lhasa city.


Tibetan Noodle

Tibetan noodle is a typical breakfast for local people. People in Lhasa use highland barley to make the noodle, therefore they are very thick. And you can get a big slice of yak meat with some vegetables in the soup. Local people usually put a spoon of pepper sauce on the side, and eat the noodles with a cup of milk tea.


Tsampa (or Zanba)

Tsampa is the most common and essential food in Tibet as it is easy to make and carry. It can be found everywhere here. It is an old tradition for Tibetan household to serve Tsampa for their guests. It is made from yak butter, highland barley flour, sugar and buttered tea.



Sha Momo, also known as the meat dumplings, is the most popular food in Tibet. Generally, yak meat is the main material of making Sha Momo. However, outside Tibet, people tend to use beef, chicken or vegetables as the filling of Momo.


Tibetan Yogurt

For over one thousand years, yogurt has been essential for Tibetan people. The most important festival, as you all know, Shoton Festival is also known as the Yogurt Festival. It means that the festival is the time for eating yogurt. Tibetan yogurt is very sour, natural and thick.


Tibetan Milk Tea

Not like the Hongkong milk tea, Tibetan milk tea tastes very fresh. Local Tibetan usually drink milk tea in the morning. The milk tea is very healthy because it benefits to the nerve and it can help you conquer the altitude sickness.


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