Top Concerns with Tibet Travel Permits-Lhasa based travel agency Explains Well
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Top Concerns with Tibet Travel Permits-Lhasa based travel agency Explains Well

Tibet travel permits are a common source of confusion for travelers planning a tour of Tibet. Sometimes traveler must have a variety of permits, in addition to the Tibet travel permit required to enter Tibet, to visit place like Mt. Everest or Mt. Kailash. It’s quite understandable that some travelers may be put off, confused, or intimidated by all of these requirements. The reality is that Tibet travel agencies are required by Chinese law to apply for permits on travelers’ behalf, eliminating much of the need for worry and confusion! Tibet Travel Expert Service-TTES (, a Lhasa based travel agency, has released updated information on the permit application process and what travelers need to do to help ensure a hassle-free experience.


When to send documents for Tibet travel permits application?

At least two weeks before a travel group’s Tibet tour arrival, TTES will request a scanned copy of the passport information page and Chinese visa page for each traveler in the group. If travelers already have their passport and Chinese visa at the time of booking they are encouraged to send them via email at that time. The Tibet Tourism Bureau requires that these documents be included with the application.


How long does it take to apply Tibet travel permits?

The permit application takes anywhere from 7-10 days to be processed. Travelers arriving from Mainland China will be required to present the permit when checking into flights or boarding the train. TTES will have the permit delivered to the hotel travelers are staying in prior to travelling in Tibet. TTES does not mail permits internationally so travelers will need to stay in China at least one night before coming to Tibet. Travel groups coming from Nepal will meet one of TTES’s guides at the border. Travelers will not have to worry about keeping the permit after entering, their guide is required by law to retain possession of the permit at all times.

How to avoid any hassles for Tibet Travel permits application?

Providing the information requested, within an appropriate time frame, is key to having a hassle-free experience. Any additional permits that may be required for a traveler’s tour will be taken care of by our Tibet travel agency. Tibet tourism regulations may seem confusing, however, travel agencies like us are knowledgeable and experienced in navigating the application process. These regulations may change at any time without any advanced notice; this is beyond the control of any Tibet travel agency. In the event of a sudden change we will be more than happy to help travelers change their itinerary or provide refunds of tour expenses paid, travelers’ flexibility and understanding is appreciated! With the Tibet travel season coming into full swing, travelers are encouraged to begin planning Tibet trip now.

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