Travel from Hong Kong to Tibet: an escape from urban hustle
travel from hong kong to tibet

With a well-developed tourist infrastructure, travel from Hong Kong to Tibet is an easy and enjoyable escape from urban hustle and bustle. Tibet Travel Expert ( provides Tibet tours that allow travelers to relax and enjoy the culture and scenery, without worrying about details.

Travel from Hong Kong to Tibet is now easier than ever

Well-paved roads cross Tibet and tourist hotels line the routes to many of Tibet’s most popular travel destinations! Tibet Travel Expert ( is helping Hong Kong based travelers escape the urban hustle and bustle by organizing tours that are professionally guided by native Tibetans. A unique combination of stunning landscapes and fascinating culture is an ideal get-away-from-it-all experience that many have been looking for. Tibet Travel Expert takes care of travel details like accommodation, transportation, guides, and drivers allowing travelers to relax and enjoy a break from their busy daily life!

Most of Tibet Travel Expert’s Tibet tours begin in Lhasa

Travelers can enjoy an introduction to Tibetan culture while they acclimatize to highland altitude. After adjusting to the thin mountain air, many travelers head out of Lhasa for in-depth exploration of Tibet. On one hand, culture-focused travelers will enjoy an itinerary filled with visits to monasteries and temples. On the other hand, nature lovers will enjoy an itinerary with outdoor activities like trekking!

What to see in Tibet

Yarlung Valley, Gyantse, Shigatse: These three places are great for culture-focused Tibet travel! According to legend, the Tibetan people originated from the Yarlung Valley; here travelers can see historical sites like Yungbulakang Palace, the first palace built in Tibet. Many travelers enjoy visiting Gyantse on the way to Shigatse. Gyantse is home to Kumbum Pagoda and Pelkhor Monastery, both provide opportunities for learning about Tibetan Buddhism. Shigatse, Tibet’s second largest city, is another great place to visit for culture-focused travelers: visit Tashilhunpo Monastery, seat of the Panchen Lama, and do some shopping in the Tibetan Market.

Mt. Everest: This is a must-see for travelers seeking unforgettable landscapes! The drive to Mt Everest is just as magnificent as the mountain itself; travelers will enjoy spectacular views and have many opportunities to stop for pictures. Adventurous travelers can even make the 80km trek to Everest Base Camp from Old Tingri. The best times to visit are late April through mid-May along with September and October. Some of the best views of Everest come in the early morning. Travelers can arrange to stay in one of the tent camps at Everest Base Camp for the best chance at catching an early morning view!

Plan your Tibet vacation with us now!

The options for travelling in Tibet are seemingly endless! Tibet Travel Expert is always happy to provide suggestions. Their recommendations are here to help Hong Kong based travelers begin thinking about the destinations they’d like to include on their Tibet tour. Taking time to enjoy remote scenery and a fascinating culture is a great way to escape from the urban hustle and bustle of everyday life. Travelers can relax knowing that details like accommodations and transportation are taken care from the moment they land in Tibet. With a well-developed tourist infrastructure, travel in Tibet is more easy and enjoyable than ever before!

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