How to travel to Lhasa Tibet from Kunshan,Suzhou,Wuxi or Changzhou Jiangsu Province?
Travel to Tibet from Kunshan Jiangsu Province

How to get to Lhasa Tibet from Kunshan,Suzhou,Wuxi or Changzhou in Jiangsu Province? Every year our Tibet travel agency arranged Tibet tours for foreign people who work and/or live or study in these places, Travelling to Lhasa Tibet from China’s east developed province of Jiangsu Province is not difficult. But as it is too far away from the far east China to the far west of China. There is no direct flight between Lhasa and these places. Here below, local Tibet travel agency tells you how to travel from east China to Tibet.

  1. get to Shanghai or Xi’an or Chengdu/Chongqing first, and fly or take the train to Lhasa. It is fairly easy and fast to get to Shanghai or Xi’an from the cities as listed above. For example, there is “G” or “D” Train between Kunshan, Suzhou, Changzhou or Wuxi and Shanghai. You can fly from Shanghai to Lhasa directly. There are two flights a day. One is via China eastern airline and another is via Tibetan airline.
  2. Since late last year 2007, there is train from Shanghai to Lhasa as well. However, it is too long time train travel. We would even suggest travelers fly to Xi’ning and take the one day train travel to Lhasa.
  3. As you know there are most flights between Lhasa and Chengdu, Chongqing. It is even more convenient if you can get good airfare or train travel to these cities first and fly to Lhasa.

Which is cheaper way for getting to Tibet from Kunshan Suzhou or other east China cities?

  1. Train of course is the cheaper way for such long journey, but it takes too much time and you need to plan your schedule. Considering there are lots of people taking train, you’d better book the train tickets 30-60 days in advance. The ticketing schedule is subject to change.
  2. one way train and one way by flight. We suggest you fly to Lhasa in the lower season and take the train back to China in busy tour season.

What Tibet Travel Document Should you need for travel from northeast China (such as Shenyang) to Lhasa, Tibet?

This is a common question which we receive every year from travelers who are from these places. E.g, some of these travelers work as English teachers, or in FAW/BMW companies, etc. To travel to Tibet for foreign travelers, it is not difficult at all when you have the right Tibet travel permits information. Please refer to “Tibet Travel Permits” to learn more.

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