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Practical Tibet Travel Tips and Advices 2018

Practical Tibet Travel Tips by Local Insider

With these informative and practical Tibet travel tips, your travel reservation becomes much easier. You will get the most important information which we categorized as before and after your booking, and the ways of getting to Tibet.

Before your Booking

Before your booking, you need to know local Tibet travel policy 

Are you allowed to travel freely in Tibet? The answer is not “No” and not “Yes”. It totally depends whether your travel is in Lhasa or outside of Lhasa. How can you enter to Tibet from China or from Nepal? What documents will you need? How to apply and how soon can you get? Just follow local tourism insider and we help you make all things simple and easy.

During your Tibet Travel

During your Tibet travel, stay healthy, stay in touch with your beloved and do like a local

Since you are in Tibet now. Your Tibetan guide and driver will be taking good care of your whole trip. And further more your Tibet trip advisor will be in touch with you instantly in case of need. And what you need to do is stay healthy and stay in touch with your beloved, and do like a local, enjoy the Tibetan tour with our agency.

After your Tibet tour booking

After your Tibet Tour Deposit Payment done, what we will do.

After you pay a deposit for the tour confirmation, Tibet Travel Expert Team will begin all the contracted service items booking step by step according to the local permits application policy. In the mean time we will arrange air ticketing, train ticketing, hotel, guide, vehicle arrangements and be sure all arrangements are in good control before your arrival.

There are three ways to enter Tibet-You can come here by train, flight or car!

Ways of Getting to and from Tibet

It is much easier to get to Tibet nowadays than before. There are a number of ways to get there, more than 15 flights every day from inner China, Kathmandu, and you can also choose to take the Tibet train from Xi’ning, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guangzhou or Chongqing etc. Additionally travelers can enter Tibet by overland driving from Shangrila (Yunnan),Golmud (Qinghai), Sichuan and Kathmandu Nepal.

Flights to and from Tibet

Lhasa Airport

How can I get to Tibet easily? For overseas visitors from far away, flying to Tibet is by no means difficult. In fact it is quite easy as flying into Tibet is very much faster than any other ground transports and one can save more time to explore Tibet.

Train to and from Lhasa


Taking Qinghai Tibet train travel is probably once a lifetime experience for westerners. Since its completion in early 2006, the railway has become an increasingly popular Tibet tour option that offers stunning views of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Get to Tibet by Car


Want to take overland trip to Tibet by car? In Tibet, there are 5 main highways which are “bridges” between Inner mainland China and Nepal. They are the highways between Tibet and Nepal, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan and Yunnan Province.

Welcome to read more practical Tibet travel tips from our travel blog.

Celebrate Losar–Traditonal Tibetan new year

Celebrate Tibetan new year, or Losar, is the most important festivel in Tibet. People in different part of Tibet have their own way to celebrate with families and friends Different areas have different ways to celebrate Losar, with Lhasa the most representative.   What’s Losar festivel in Tibet? Tibetan New Year is the richest and most distinctive festival in Tibet Plateau. The New Year celebrations, which was celebrated for harvest

Dorje Drak Monastery

Shannan is the birthplace of Tibetan ancient culture, and many historic temples and monuments are located here. If you depart from Lhasa, head east along the Yarlung Zangbo River, in the Changguo Township of Gongga County on the way to the Samye Monastery, in the Zongyong Mountain Range on the Yalong Zangbo River sits a small but important monastery. This is the Dorje Drak Monastery. It is an ideal place

Local Tibetan market in holy Lhasa city

Tsingsaikang Tibetan market—–Local market in Lhasa If you are taking  tour in holy Lhasa city, it is worthwhile to visit a local market in Lhasa. It will add lots of unique experience to your Tibet tour. There are 3 big markets in Lhasa city: Barkhor Street market, Tourism Handicraft Market, also the Tsingsaikang Tibetan market. Barkhor Street is a good place for observing and experience Tibetan culture, but not a

Tibet Shopping Guidelines: Do Not Buy Tibetan Knives

Can I buy Tibetan Knives as my Tibet Tour Souvenir Imagine you are at the end of a wonderful Tibet tour, wading through the security line at Lhasa Airport or Lhasa Railway, carrying a carefully-selected beautiful Tibetan knife as a present for your loved one at home, probably has spent a small fortune on it too, only to find out that you can’t take it on the flight/train from Lhasa with

How to Travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa

Foreign travelers can travel from Nepal to Tibet besides travel from mainland China to Tibet. There are two ways to travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa, either by flight or by overland via Gyirong Port along the Friendship Highway. Tibet Travel Expert service, a local Lhasa travel agency, shares travel information about how to Travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Travel Overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa via Gyirong Port The total length

Tibet Travel Guide: Accommodations in Shigatse Prefecture

Shigatse, is a prefecture-level city of Tibet, with an area of 182,000 square kilometer. It is the second-largest city in Tibet, also a hot tourist destination. Accommodations in Shigatse various for different destinations in Shigatse prefecture. Tibet Travel Expert Service, a local Lhasa travel agency, shares firsthand information about in Shigatse Prefecture. Accommodations in Gyantse City In Gyantse city, there are only 3-star hotels available for foreigners. Mostly used 3-star

Tibet Travel Tips of Avoiding Money Hassles

While it is all very exciting to travel Tibet, the land of snows & the roof of the world, one can never be too careful with money spending in a foreign land where you don’t speak the local tongue. As one would expect that the norms of day-to-day life in Tibet varies drastically from where you are from and what you are used to. Whether it be paying for a

What to Do and See in Shigatse

To help travelers plan a more in-depth Tibet tour, Tibet Travel Expert service, a local Lhasa travel agency, shares travel information about what to do and see in Shigatse, which composed of great natural sites and grand monasteries. Shigatse, also spells as Xigatze, is the second largest city in Tibet. Shigatse means ‘the fertile land’ in Tibetan language. At an elevation of over 4000 meters above the sea level, Shigatse

How to Choose the Perfect Hotels for Tibet Tour?

When you decide to book a Tibet tour, one of the most important things to do is to choose nice hotels for the whole trip. While choosing decent hotels with a good local offer can be daunting. Surfing on the internet, you will find many types of hotels with different rates in different travel destination of Tibet. How can I suppose to know which accommodation is the ideal one to


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