Tibet Accommodations Tips

Tibet Accommodations Tips

Our rich resources of Tibetan hotels are great travel tips which can help you find suitable hotels with excellent service and different budgets options. Our local agent can help travelers to book hotels in Lhasa, Shigatse, Zhangmu, and Nyingchi with different budgets. Opening to the public as a tourist city from 1985, Tibet has built basic infrastructures of tourism industry. It is kindly suggested that you would not expect Tibetan hotels has the same standard as hotels in your country. However, you can expect a good budget when you reserve your Tibet tour with accommodation booking via Tibetan travel agent.


Tibet Hotel Booking & Reservation

Please refer this link to Tibet hotels recommended for more information, as the travel expert in Tibet, we have long-established relationships with these hotels in Tibet and can provide guaranteed service at a lower price.


Important Tibet Travel Tips on Hotel booking

Since your travel destination is Tibet, Tibet travel permit is required by the Tibet Tourism Bureau to visit Lhasa and other parts of Tibet such as Mountain Everest, Tsetang (Samye Monastery), Gyantse, Shigatse, Mountain Kailash Manasarovar and more places in east Tibet. So foreign tourists are not allowed to visit Tibet individually unless they take a guided Tibet tour here. Why not pick one tour package with our local Tibet travel agency as we are here in Lhasa and we offer dis-countable bookings for hotels and other quality services such as flights, vehicles, drivers, tour guides, etc.