China Nepal Friendship Highway

China Nepal Friendship Highway

The China Nepal Friendship Highway starts at Lhasa, passes through Shigatse, Lhatse and divides into two branches, the East Route and West Route. The East Route starts from Tingri County and goes through Nyalam County, Zhangmu port, Friendship Bridge and ends in Kathmandu. The West Route starts from Lhatse, goes through a part of G219 National Highway reaching Gyirong port and arrive in Nepal.


In 1961, China and Nepal government built China Nepal Friendship Highway together. The highway starts from Yambajan at Damxung County. The total length in China (from Yambajan to Friendship Bridge) is 736 kilometers with the average elevation of 4,000 meters. It took three years to finish the big construction project. The highway in Nepal (from Friendship Bridge to Kathmandu) is about 114 kilometers long and with an altitude of 1,500 meters. China Nepal Friendship Highway is currently the only highway access to foreign countries. The terrain along the highway is complicated and tough. With high mountains and deep valleys, landslides and earthquakes happen frequently. Also, the amount of rainfall is very intense. Sometimes the annual rainfall can amount to 2,500 mm. Due to bad weather and complicated geographical conditions, the highway can be affected easily and damaged badly.

Quick Tibet Travel Tips

You should drive very carefully on the way in order to prevent any potential damage of landslides.

Best Time to Go:

The highway is available all the year around, so you can pick up the time as you wish.

China Nepal Friendship Highway Route

East Route: Lhasa- Shigatse- Lhatse- Tingri- Nyalam- Zhangmu- Kathmandu

West Route: Lhasa- Shigatse- Lhatse- Saga- Gyirong- Kathmandu