Sichuan-Tibet Highway (Chengdu- Lhasa)

Sichuan-Tibet Highway (Chengdu- Lhasa)

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway starts at Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan province and passes through Ya’an City, Kangding County. At Xinduqiao Town, it is divided into two routes: North Route and South Route. The North Route goes along G317 National Highway, passes through Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region in Sichuan province and Chamdo in Tibet. The South Route goes through Batang Town in Sichuan and Markam County in Tibet and finally combine with North Route in Banda Town. After that, the combined highway goes through Pomi County, Nyingchi County, Dagze County and ends in Lhasa City.

The north route is 2,412 kilometers in length and the south route is 2,149 kilometers in length. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is part of G318 National Highway, which is the longest Chinese National Highway currently and runs for 5,475 kilometers in total.

The highway is quite dangerous because it has to climb very high mountains, cross over torrents of water and go through harsh natural conditions. However, the various natural beauties attracts many tourists every year. So please be well prepared before you start the tough road trip.

Quick Tips:

  • Bring some warm clothes and Mountain Sickness medicines to prevent sudden cold and lack of oxygen.
  • Drive carefully and slowly because there can be very high mountains and steep slopes on the way.
  • Be aware of the current road condition and search for the latest changes to avoid any potential danger.

Best Time to Go:

Mid of August to October is the best time to go. Since the rainy season is from May to August, there can be mud-rock flow and landslide on the way. So you had better avoid that period of time.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway Route:

North Route: Chengdu- Ya’an- Kangding- Ganzi- Chamdo- Pomi- Lhasa

South Route: Chengdu- Ya’an- Kangding- Batang- Markam- Pomi- Lhasa