How to Plan a Tibet Holiday

Tibet Travel Reservation Process

How to Book a Tibet tour with Local Tibet Travel Insider Agency

Make A Great Tibet Tour Plan

Since every traveler’s interests and requirements are UNIQUE and may be quite different from others, we provide customized travel service for you, no matter you are an individual traveler, a couple, a family, or an organized group. Here are some easy steps to follow and let’s work out a perfect and reasonably priced itinerary together!

1) Decide how many nights and days you have to travel in Tibet and when you want to begin;

2) Choose a tour route from our vacation choices or simply prepare a list of places where you want to go. Even if you do not know where on earth you will go, you can tell us your interests and budgets and we will suggest some routes and attractions accordingly based on your situation.

3) Decide on the number of travelers. The bigger the group, the more money you can save. We provide a free trip for one person for every 16th person in a group (not including the airfare). For the Single room occupancy, he or she needs to pay the single supplement.

4) Decide on the class of the hotel in which you wish to stay. How many numbers of stars of the hotel, comfortable 3 star standard, 4 star standard or the top end? Or budget guesthouse and hostel? Keep in mind that accommodations are not as luxurious as in Beijing and Shanghai. The Top end hotel in Lhasa is the St. Regis but it is not marked as 5 stars. We provide 4 star, 3 star hotels and guesthouse accommodation (cheaper hotels which have a variety of rooms with or without bathroom). For most North American and European travelers, we suggest that you choose 3 star hotels from us.

5) Decide if you need our help in acquiring air tickets or train ticket. We provide air ticketing service for flights to and from Lhasa as well as China and Nepal domestic flights and we strongly suggest you take our help because of the restrictions of Tibet travel permit. Also, we can help you book train tickets but do tell us if you want to book Qinghai-Tibet railway at least 70 days (In China, train tickets are to be sold 60 days in advance) in advance because that railway is always busy. For other railways to Tibet, please tell us as early as possible in order to secure the ticket.     

6) Remember to notify us if you have any other special requirements (e.g. vegetarian, other dietary requirements, non-smoking room, Tibetan English speaking or Mandarin speaking guide, etc.) 

Tibet Tour Planning Tips

Important note: Please keep in mind that the duration of time you staying in Tibet is only legal and valid as your TTB Permit allows. If you want a couples of more days, you must stay inside of Lhasa and other places are forbidden to visit beyond the time limitation.

When you are ready with the above information, please send us an inquiry by filling out online Tibet tour inquiry form. Once we have all of the relevant information, we will get back to you with a full itinerary and quotation within 24 hours (may need 48 hours on weekends). The more accurate information you provide us, the more quickly we will be able to organize your itinerary.


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