Guaranteed Tibet Travel Permit & Tibet Visa for 2018 & 2019

Based in Lhasa, our Tibet travel expert team go behind the scenes of the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) and reveal the secret of the latest Tibet travel permit application guidelines. This important information on Tibet permits, Tibet visa, current permits application regulation, and local tourism policy news update will impact all foreign travelers. So please follow our local Tibet tour agency to learn more before you come.

Latest Tibet Travel Permits News updated on Jan.5 2018: Tibet is to be closed again as usual between Feb.10 and April 1. For foreign travelers who want to travel in Tibet, we would suggest you begin the Tibet trip no earlier than April 1 because of the Tibet permits restriction policy recently. Normally from April 2nd or 3rd onward is risk free. If your travel destination covers Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, you’d better enter Tibet no earlier than April 17.

  • All Tibet Travel Permits & Visa Documents Category

There are overall 6 kinds of travel documents for your Tibet holiday. You will just need The Tibet permits documents A.B.C or A.B.C.D. or A.B.C.D.E.F. This depends on your Tibet travel itinerary. As different parts of Tibet requires different Tibet travel permits. Please take a quick look and hope it helps you.

  • A. Valid Passport (Not Public Service Category)
  • B. Chinese Visa or Tibet Group Visa
  • C. Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permits-Tibet travel permits for entry
  • D. Tibet Aliens’ Travel Permits (PSB’s=ATP permits)-for not fully open areas;
  • E. Tibet Military Permit and Foreign Affairs Permit-for Kailash and Kham Tours;
  • F. Tibet Boarder Defense Permit-for Everest and Kailash trip

More Details about Necessary Tibet Travel Permits and Visa Documents

A---Valid Passport is a must for travelling in Tibet

All foreign travelers travelling to Tibet must hold a valid passport. This is the travel document provided by yourself. When our Tibet tour agency applies all necessary Tibet permits for you, we need this important document. It is the best if you can email via attachment upon your Tibet tour booking confirmation with us.