Tibet Numbers and Words

Useful Tibetan Numbers and Words for Travel

Here we collected some useful local telephone numbers for emergent cases, weather broadcast, and other useful Tibet numbers, area codes for major cities in Tibet. In the meantime, we listed some useful Tibetan words which will be helpful if travelers could learn few to speak with local tour guides, drivers, shop owners and hotel staff. This will surely brighten someone’s whole day.

General Public Numbers:

Police: 110 Fire: 119
Ambulance: 120 Weather Forecast: 12121
Local Phone Number Inquiry: 114 Consumer Complain: 12315

Tibet Hospitals (TAR = Tibet Autonomous Region):

People’s Hospital of TAR: 0891-6332462 Lhasa People’s Hospital Emergency Center: 0891-98120

Tibet Transportation:

Gonggar Airport Information Desk: 0891-6216465 or 0891-6182220 Bus Station of TAR: 0891-6824469

Tibet Area Codes:

Lhasa: 0891 Shigatse (Xigaze): 0892
Lhoka (Shannan): 0893 Nyingchi: 0894
Chamdo (Qamdo): 0895 Nagqu (Nakchu): 0896
Ngari (Ali): 0897  

Useful Tibetan Words and languages

The Tibetan Language may be hard for you to master in a short time. However, learning some greetings and daily-used Tibetan words can be fun and helpful when shopping in Tibet or meeting emergencies. Take a quick look at the Tibet cultural travel tips.

Greetings & Polite Words:

English Tibetan
Hello Tashi-Deleg (Tashi Delek)
How are you? Keh-Rang Ku-Su De-Bo Yin-Peh
Thank you. Too-Je-Che
You’re welcome. Kay-Nang-Gi-Ma-Ray
I’m sorry. Gong-Dhaa
Good-bye. Kah-Leh-Phe
What’s your name? Ming La Kay-Rey
My name is… Ngah … Yin


English Tibetan
I Ngah
You Keh-Rahng
He/She Khong-Rahng

Directions & Transportation:

English Tibetan
Left Yong-Qang
Right Yehang-Qang
Go straight ahead Ke-Er-Duom
Bus Mozha
Bus Station Mozha-Pazhuo


English Tibetan
Hotel Zhun-Kangha
Bank Wha-Khang
Hospital Men-Khang
Monastery Kuong-Bah

Shopping in Tibet:

English Tibetan
Price Ni-Kong-Zha
How much Kah-Tsay
Expensive Kong-Zha-Chang-Po
Cheap Kong-Zha-Chung-Po
Money Bei-Xiha
What’s this? Dee Kah-Ray
I will take it. Nhi-Geying
I will leave it. Nhi-Gemei


English Tibetan
Daytime Ni-Ma-Kuang
Night China-Kuang
Yesterday Keh-Sah
Today Thi-Ring
Tomorrow Sahng-Gai
Morning Shiao-Gao
Noon Ning-Guh

Basic Tibetan Language

English Tibetan
How do you do? or How are you? Khong Garm Sung
Nice to meet you! Che Rang Gye Wei Garbo Chong!
What’s your name? Rang Min Kha sa?
My name is Tom. Nga Min Tom La.
What is this? Di Kah Zed?
How much is it? Beh sha Kah Dze Ray?
Sorry, I don’t underdand. Gonad, Ha-ko Ma-Song.
I’ll take it. Ne Geh Yin.
ITibetan style food in Lhasa tastes good. Lhasi poe si ha jang shim bo duk
I like eating rice. Nga dre la ga bo yoe
I don’t eat spicy food Nga si ben sa gi min
Have you got sweet tea? Cha ngar mo yoe rey pey
I’d like to pay the bill, please. Tsi jig kyon tang
I like… Nga—–gyur ga bo yoe
What would you like to eat? Khe rang ga rey choe doe duk?
You’re Welcome! Kay-Nang Gi Ma-ray
Thank you! Thu Je Che!
Yes Rey, Yin or Dhoo.
No Ma-rey, Meyn, Min-dhoo
Goodbye! Kah-leh phe!
Sunday Nyima
Monday Dawa
Tuesday Mima
Wednesday Lhakpa
Thursday Phurbu
Friday Pasang
Saturday Pemba
Good Luck! Tashi Delek