Yunnan-Tibet Highway

Yunnan-Tibet Highway (Jinghong-Chamdo-Xining)

Yunnan-Tibet Highway, also known as G214 National Highway, starts from Jinghong at the west of Yunnan province and ends at Xining in Qinghai province. It joins with Sichuan-Tibet Highway and the total length is 3,256 kilometers. The length of the highway in Tibet is 803 kilometers. Along the road, you can enjoy so many beautiful natural sceneries and witness the changes of different landscapes.


For example, In Dali, you can view the Thee Pagodas when you are near the old town. The three Pagodas are characteristic Buddhist style architecture and belong to Nanzhao Kingdom. Also, Dali is famous for its natural beauties, such as Erhai Lake. The clam lake is a symbol of slow-paced life style in many people’s mind. Sitting along the river, you can have a good rest and go on driving again. Then you can take a look at famous Lijiang Old Town, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The old town has a long history and people lead a different life style in their own way. You can take one or more days to explore the unique culture in the town. After that, you will arrive Shangri-La. Before that, you can see the First Bend of Yangtze River and Hengduan Mountains. In Deqin, you can view the grand Meri Snow Mountain at the area of Jinshan River, Lancang River and Nu River. The route in Yunnan province is historically well-known ancient Tea Horse road. So you have this precious chance to feel the indigenous culture along the road.    


In Tibet, the road will lead you to Zogang, Chamdo and Rinwoche. Along the way, there are beautiful lake like Basum Lake, sacred monasteries like Ganden Monastery, Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, hot springs and all kinds of forests.


Best Time to Go:

From August to October is the best period of time to go because during the rainy season from May to July, some parts of the highway will suffer from landslide and mud-rock flow.


Yunnan-Tibet Highway Route: 

Line A) Jinghong-733 km-Dali-190 km- Lijiang- 174 km-Shangri-la-184 km-Deqin- 380 km- Zogang- 278 km- Chamdo- 105 km- Rinwoche- 394 km- Yushu- 821 km- Xining

Line B) Jinghong-733 km-Dali-190 km- Lijiang- 174 km-Shangri-la-184 km-Deqin- 380 km- Mangkang-Zogang- Basu-Raog Lake-Pomi-Nyingchi-Lhasa