Castle in the DraksumtsoLake-Tsodzong Monastery

Tsodzong Monastery (Tsodzong means ‘castle in a lake’ in Tibetan language) is a mini holy monastery of Nyingma sect.. It locates on the Tashi Island in the middle of the Draksumtso Lake, Eastern Tibet’s largest freshwater lake in Nyingchi prefecture. In addition, the Tsodzong Monastery is famous for its treasure, a cloth that covered with the seal of Tibetan King Songstan Gambo. The monastery hosts two major religious festivals every year, Saga Dawa Festival and ChosVkhor Festival. Tibetan farmers over this area also place this religious festival together with the largest festival of traditional agriculture in Tibet. That’s Ongkor Festival on June 4th of the Tibetan calendar. Then these two festivals forms a grand folk festival.

Tsodzong MonasteryTsodzong Monastery

 Accordingly, the Tsodzong Monastery was built in the end of the Tang Dynasty, almost 1500 years ago. What’s more, in the south of the monastery grows a peach and pine tree. In spring, travelers can see the peach blossom and green leaves together in one tree which is such a miraculous scene.  

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