Gmail in Tibet, You cannot Use in Tibet if without VPN
Gmail is accessible in Tibet

Gmail and Google Are Accessible in Tibet, China if you have VPN

Google and google’s related products such as “Gmail” or “Google Map” can not be accessed in China since many years ago. However you can easily get one free or cheap VPN service to ensure you can still use gmail, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Additionally you’d better copy every of your email to your alternative mail box. Those mail servers of Yahoo or hotmail etc are still workable in Tibet and China.

If you do need to use google and gmail, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc, here our Tibet travel agency recommends you to get one VPN. here you can find out the best VPN for China:

Top 10 Best VPNs for China and Tibet
Successfully bypass the ‘Great Firewall of China’ and Tibet
Access your favorite websites & apps worldwide
Secure, private & encrypted Internet browsing
Super fast speeds perfect for seamless streaming

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Bella Zhang


April 23, 2017
For VPN use in Tibet, you'd better do that when you have very good wifi access in hotel lobby. Here in Tibet, especially in Lhasa, there are many nice hotels which provide free wifi services. If the wifi traffic is good, you can use your VPN smoothly and so you can still use all those blocked websites listed below: Google Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube Blogger PerfSpotFeedBurner Diigo HootSuite Google Vimeo Dailymotion Metacafe Ustream
April 23, 2017
True that. I remember my first time in china and I did use VPNs to stay in touch with my client who's email address and details I had on my gmail. So it does work. But bear in mind that not every VPN works in China and Great Firewall of China is a tough nut to crack. I also picked a China VPN which was credible and had ample servers and encryption technology to get me through to the other side.
April 23, 2017
Yes, that is right. And once you have a workable VPN, you can easily access google, gmail during your travel in China and Tibet.