A striking Tibet must-visit: Potala Palace
Potala Palace at night

If you only have one chance to visit a site in Tibet, I would definitely recommend Potala Palace. It is the world’s highest mountain palace. Known for its famous Buddhism heritage, Potala Palace represents the high intelligence and diligent working of ancient Tibet people and no doubt is a symbol of traditional Chinese cultural and architectural miracle in the human being history. In short, Potala Palace is a Tibet must-see.

White and Red Palaces

The magnificent appearance of the grand White and Red Palaces will mesmerize everyone. The color represents for peace and solemn of Buddhism. It is such a unique building that you can get different views from different angles. Although the stairs are a little bit more than I thought, it was totally worth the climbing and when I got to see the temple inside, I could hardly breathe seeing such exquisite statues and brilliant frescos on the wall. It was hard to imagine how the monks created such wonderful works to show their devoutness and respects to the Buddha.

Palace At Night

At night, the palace showed its mystical beauty to all of us. This is another aspect of the palace’s incredible charm. For us modern people, Potala Palace enlarges our imagination of ancient times separated from our secular life. It is an  amazing experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life. And I will bring my son and daughter in the future to see the fantastic palace again for sure.

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