Reasons To Travel To Tibet In 2019
Responsible Travel in Tibet

With the Tibet travel season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning a trip! Tibet is a rapidly changing place, a slow paced way of life is gradually giving way to expanding urban areas. While these changes bring with them a higher standard of living for most Tibetans. As a result, a unique way of life slips into the past. Now is the time to go see Tibet, travelers who venture outside of Tibet’s cities can get to know a life that depends on agriculture and revolves around the seasons. Tibet Travel Expert presents reasons to travel to Tibet and helps you plan your next trip.

Take away valuable cultural understanding

Any visitor to Tibet has the opportunity to spend time exploring Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries and other important cultural sites such as Potala Palace. A native Tibetan guide will be able to explain the history behind and significance of the religious practices and cultural values of the Tibetan people. Don’t forget to ask lots of questions!

Learn about Earth’s natural heritage

In Tibet there are majestic towering mountains at every turn. They are certainly beautiful to look at. How they affect the climate of vast regions is the truly amazing part. The Himalayas play a crucial role in bringing monsoon rains to South Asia. Also glacial runoff from the Himalayas, and other mountainous regions in Tibet, are the source of some of Asia’s most important rivers.

Try new foods

Flour milled from roasted Tibetan barley is a staple in Tibetan cuisine. While few crops grow well in the high altitude climate, many travelers are surprised by the diversity of Tibetan cuisine! Try some local favorites such as Tibetan noodle or momo, a dumpling like dish, stuffed with meat or vegetables.

Stay in shape

Even with all the fantastic Tibetan food, a Tibet trip is unlikely to be one where you’ll pack on a few extra pounds. There are ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as trekking and mountain biking. Even climbing the stairs up to Potala Palace can be a work out.

The list of reasons for Tibet travel could go on and on. With all the changes taking place it’s important that travelers visit as soon as possible.  A wide variety of Tibet travel agencies that are just a few clicks away make planning a trip easier than ever.

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