Zhangmu Port May Reopen in 2017
Zhangmu Port may reopen in 2017

Zhangmu Port locates at Zhangmu Town, the border between China and Nepal. It is the largest border trade center in Tibet. However, after the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake, there was huge damage in the border. So local residents had to leave Zhangmu Town and the port transferred to Shigatse and Lhasa as well.


Zhangmu Port at the border of China and Nepal
Zhangmu Port at the border of China and Nepal


Good News for Zhangmu Port

On December 12, 2016, the representatives of China and Nepal held a meeting on reopening Zhangmu Port. The Nepalese official said that the 15km road from Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge to Zhangmu Town was under quick development. He hoped that after the completion, the port could reopen.


However, the reopening still rely on the process of Nepal part. If everything goes on smoothly, in 2017 Zhangmu Port may reopen. And this is a good news for travelers who want to travel to Tibet from Nepal overland. As a local Tibet travel agency, we will keep updating the latest news for worldwide travelers.


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